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Torklift Basement Camper Step A7510

Torklift Basement Camper Step A7510

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If you own one of the newer "basement" model truck campers this is what you've been hoping for.

The basement storage and large holding tanks on these campers are great features but come at a price.

The 14" height of the floor above the camper bumper/step is a stretch for most people.

Torklift International's new A7510 "Basement Camper Step" offers a great solution by roughly cutting that step height in half.

When not in use the step can be folded down, reducing the height to only 2-1/4" above the bumper to allow use of basement access doors included on some campers. 

Includes the same "glow in the dark" technology as the Torklift Glow Step.

Powder coated white for rust and corrosion resistance.

20" Wide X 6" deep x 7.8" Rise

Limited Lifetime Factory Warranty

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