Torklift 28 Inch Wire Harness Extension Pigtail W6028 For Campers or Fifth Wheels

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Torklift No Splice Wire Harnesses provide the extra length needed to extend trailer 7 way RV socket to end of extended receiver hitch extensions.

This is the most cost effective way to provide the needed trailer socket when using a SuperTruss or other hitch extension with a truck camper having a long rear overhang.

Can also be used for extending 5th wheel RV trailer plug to reach wiring sockets installed the front corner of many newer pickup trucks.

Available lengths include:

W6021     Actual Length 24"    Extension Length 21"

W6024    Actual Length 28"    Extension Length 24"

W6028    Actual Length 35"    Extension Length 28"

W6032    Actual Length 38"    Extension Length 32"

W6036    Actual Length 42"    Extension Length 36"

W6042    Actual Length 48"    Extension Length 42"

W6048    Actual Length 57"    Extension Length 48"

W6028    Actual Length 68"    Extension Length 60"

W6510    Actual Length 120"