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Magnum Lift LEGB-2 Electric 12V power conversion kit, for 2 Speed Gooseneck Trailer Jacks

Magnum Lift LEGB-2 Electric 12V power conversion kit, for 2 Speed Gooseneck Trailer Jacks

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The MAGNUM LIFT LEGB-2 allows you to easily convert your heavy duty 2 speed Binkley - Holland, Bulldog or other similar gooseneck horse or car trailer jack to electric power operation.

Please note, this kit is not intended for use on semi or heavy equipment type trailers.
Maximum weight lifting capacity at the jack leg/s is appx. 7,000 lb.
Designed to be mounted on the 1-1/2" input shaft support hub (collar) of gooseneck horse/stock trailers and fifth wheel or gooseneck race/cargo trailer jacks.

See the jack image with the support hub circled for clarification.

Holland/Binkley brand jacks manufactured after September 2010 no longer have the support hub welded to the gear box.

If the hub is not present on your jack you will need to add the 1-1/2" Support Hub Adapter Bracket kit.
Electric motor coupler fits jacks with 1" diameter crank shafts only.

Runs from trailer's existing 12 Volt DC battery power source.
A 12 volt automotive style battery MUST be available to supply power. 

Comes as a complete kit with switch box, wiring harness, electrical connectors and mounting bracket.

Motor shaft extends outside of motor and includes a 5/16" hex to allow for manual cranking with a ratchet wrench and socket (not included) if 12V battery power is lost.

If space is an issue this kit can be mounted on the opposite side of jack from gear box (see last 2 images).

For this style installation your jack must have the long crank shaft that extends appx. 3" past the jack leg. Some welding is required for this mounting method.
Motor / gearbox is a single speed unit designed to be used with the trailer jack in low (easy to crank) gear only.

Lifting speed is approximately 7" per minute appx.

The Magnum Electric is 12" long, and installs in standard position with basic hand tools. 2-Year factory warranty.

Jack shown for illustration purpose ONLY. Available and sold separately.
*Can vary depending on condition of jack, trailer geometry, parking position etc.
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