Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Getting ready now will get you a head start on this summer's activities.

Check your trailer to make sure it's ready for the season.

Are the bearings ok? Do they need to be repacked?

What about the brake shoes? Is there enough lining left to get you safely through?

If your trailer is equipped with a battery either for the breakaway system or just for running interior light, is it up for the challenge?

Now on to the tires? Check the date codes. Is their time up?

Do you have a spare tire, and does it need attention as well?

We always carry at least 3 good spare tires when we leave home for a long trip. Believe it or not, we have had to use them all on one trip.

Here, there seems to be an ongoing list of "to do's" but it's the same old list every year. That old list has saved us many a headache down the road.

Safe travels!
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